Gian Piero de Bellis

Polyarchy: a Manifesto




1.  Introduction

A virus has sprung up and spread throughout the world during the 20th century.

It has taken hold of people's minds and bodies, it has affected attitudes and directed actions, and it has dominated the life and marked the death of individuals and communities.

The name of this virus is statism.

From London to Washington, Paris to Berlin, Moscow to Beijing, Madrid to Buenos Aires, statism has emerged and operated in various forms and under various disguises and denominations.

It is time to analyse the nature of this virus and the diseases and destructions it has spawned.

It is time to unmask the ideological cover-ups perpetrated and accepted throughout the 20th century and to put forward a new paradigm capable of explaining a series of otherwise inexplicable phenomena.

In order to do this we have first to trace the origins and growth of this virus.


Part I : Past/Past

Part II : Past/Present

Part III : Present/Future