a Swiss company run by scoundrels and swindlers




In the month of July 2022, I bought on the Net two flipcharts for a seminar that was planned at my Research and Documentation Centre.
I was then informed that the delivery of these flipcharts was to be made by a company called Planzer.

Planzer presents itself as a Family Company. On their website they state:

“We employ more than 5,300 people at 59 locations in Switzerland and 9 abroad: in Italy, Germany, France and Hong Kong. We also have over 370 young adults who are completing their apprenticeships with us."

Clearly it is not a small company but one of the biggest players in Switzerland in the field of logistics and delivery of goods.

On their web site I was also informed that the delivery of my flipcharts was supposed to take place on the 18th of July, so I remained at the Centre (a quite large building with 4 floors) waiting for the arrival of the goods.
And I waited, and waited and waited…
Nothing happened.

In the evening I went to see if a notice had been left in my letterbox informing me that a person had tried to deliver the goods. It could have happened that I failed to hear the bell.
But there was no notice.
At the same time, the carrier says, on their website, that, if the person is not at home, they can leave the goods in front of the door. So, during the day I went outside many times to see if my packet was there.
Nothing of that sort.

I went again on their website, and I learned that a new delivery was supposed to take place on the 21st of July, during the day.
However, I had planned an appointment in the afternoon, so I paid CHF 10 to have the packet delivered in the morning (8.00 a.m. – noon). Moreover, in order not to miss absolutely the delivery I left the front door opened and I went regularly outside to see if the person in charge of the delivery was arriving.
Noon arrived and nothing happened.

At that point I decided to inquire about the Planzer Company and I came across this page
I then discovered many disgruntled customers that vented their disappointment and their rage at the Planzer Company and their abysmal service.

It was at that moment that I realized that the first supposed delivery had never taken place and that the second fixed delivery for which I had paid 10 francs was just a trick to extort money.
I understood also that the likelihood to receive the good in time for the seminar was tiny unless I intervened decisively.

So, after having written two messages (with no reply) I started phoning the company no-stop. Finally, on the morning of the 22nd of July somebody replied, traced the goods, and said that the driver was on his way to my place.

Conclusion: this is a company of scoundrels and swindlers.
No apology and no refund for taking the money without delivering the goods at the time they were meant to do it. No way to communicate with them without losing an incredible amount of time.
All in all: a company from hell.

If you buy goods and the carrier is Planzer, think twice.

Life is already full of nasty occurrences to have to add another one by dealing with a company run by a bunch of scoundrels and swindlers.


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