State Atrocities and Misdeeds




Towards the end of the "Ancien Régime" historians started to analyse and portray its evil aspects. Nowadays, with the decline and, hopefully, dissolution of statism, it is time to present a documented and exhaustive list of the atrocities and misdeeds committed by the states all over the world in the last two centuries.
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Date / Period: 1894 - 1896  and  1915 
Place: Turkey
Crime: Genocide of almost 1,5 million Armenians
Perpetrator(s): the Turkish state
Description: According to Johannes Lepsius, a German missionary, in the period 1894 - 1896 there have been 88,243 Armenians killed. In 1915, out of a population of 1,845,450 Armenians, 1,396,350 (75%) have been deported or killed.
- Jean Marie Carzou, Armenie 1915. Une génocide exemplaire, Flammarion, Paris, 1975
- Armenian National Institute
- Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan-Dearborn



Date / Period: 1933-1945
Place: Germany and occupied territories
Crime: Harassment of all Jews and final genocide of 6 million of them
Perpetrator(s): the German state
Active accomplices or passive spectators: the rest of the World.
To describe the attitude of the national states towards the Jews it is sufficient to quote what has been said by a senior official in the government of the then Canadian Prime Minister McKenzie King. To the question: "How many Jews fleeing Nazi Germany should be allowed into this country" he replied "None are too many."
Description: Starting from late 1938 the German government under Adolf Hitler started to implement a methodical plan of physical extermination of the Jews. The reason for the genocide was to protect a supposed "racial purity" of the German people. The entire world was a passive spectator all throughout an appalling series of events, from the initial harassment of the Jews, to the introduction of the racial laws up to the "final solution." The introduction by the states of passports and identity cards and of laws limiting the free movement of people, derivations of the concept of supreme territorial sovereignty upheld by the states, condemned from the start the Jews to an horrific destiny.



Date / Period: 1965-1966
Place: Indonesia
Crime: Massacre from half a million to a million of human beings. Other estimates put the total figure at two million people killed
Perpetrator(s): the Indonesian state under general Suharto
Active accomplices or passive spectators: the USA and the British governments
Description: In order for general Suharto to consolidate its power, "hundreds of thousands of people were exterminated in massacres initiated and organized by the Indonesian army, in a drive to eliminate the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI)" and every possible opponent or simple rural peasant, quickly labelled as communist rebel.
- Carmel Budiardjo, Indonesia: mass extermination and the consolidation of authoritarian power, in Alexander George editor, Western State Terrorism, Polity Press, Cambridge, 1991
- Paolo Barnard, USA: il più grande stato canaglia, Micromega, 1-2004



Date / Period: December 2001 - January 2002
Place: Afghanistan
Crime: Killing of more than 180 civilians
Perpetrator(s): U.S.A. military aviation and U.S.A. special forces
Description: On the  20th of December 2001, U.S. planes rocketed a convoy of elders going to Kabul, killing 60 people according to local sources.
On a late December night 2001, U.S. planes bombed for more than six hours a wedding party that, according to intelligence sources, was believed to be a gathering of terrorists. Death toll: 110 innocent people.
On January the 24th, 2002, special forces raided a building in Uruzgan province killing 16 civilians that they mistook for terrorists.
Sources: Time Magazine, March 11, 2002 (pp.24-25)


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